Developing HACCP plans for companies using FoodByte software

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BioFoodTech has partnered with FoodByte, a Canadian food safety software company to build and maintain HACCP (Hazard  Analysis & Critical Control Plan) systems. Over the past 12 months, our BioFoodTech team has worked very closely with FoodByte to ensure their software adds value by helping food safety team members complete accurate plans in less time.

The software is modeled after the standard HACCP format, allowing users to develop product descriptions, process flow diagrams, traffic flows, hazard analysis, and CCP determination (i.e. all required forms). Once complete, users can export the HACCP plan to a PDF format or integrate the plan into FoodByte's food safety management suite (including CCP monitoring).

As part of this partnership, BioFoodTech has acquired access to use FoodByte's platform to offer companies HACCP plan development services. The benefit to a food processor is a significant reduction in the time and cost of completing a HACCP plan – allowing for implementation much faster. For companies interested in digital food safety systems, any HACCP plan we develop on FoodByte's platform can easily be integrated into their food safety management suite.

For more information, please contact Joy Shinn, Business Development Manager at BioFoodTech; or 902-368-5548. For more information on FoodByte click here.